Lubex Chain Oiler

The use of a brush for chain oiling is the most effective and reliable method for lubricating chains moving at low/medium speeds. As a chain enters and leaves the sprocket there is a relative motion between pin and bushing of chain. Wear at these points causes elongation decreasing both chain life and efficiency.

By maintaining a film of oil between pin and bushing of chain, wear can be reduced considerably. Flexible brush follows the contour of the chain applying oil to essential joints. Brush also cleans external dirt, particles etc.

The flexible brush is fixed to LUBEX Drip oiler wherein drip rate can be ‘set’ by means of a needle valve. All other features are same as LUBEX Drip oilers.

Each Chain oiler is provided with a bracket to fix them at a convenient place. The ideal position is directly on top or in front of the drive sprocket. We provide two types of brushes ref. fig. 2.

The bristles of the brush are made of special material which retain oil and also resist wear. All bruhes are replacable.

Model Selection Chart
C-100 F 100 CC FLAT 230 mm 60 mm
C-100 R 100 CC ROUND 230 mm 60 mm
C-250 F 250 CC FLAT 300 mm 80 mm
C-250 R 250 CC ROUND 300 mm 80 mm