Flange Spreaders (Mechanical)

These are small handy, portable tools which are used to create a GAP between FLANGES to remove Gaskets. etc. Using tommie's / Rod etc. to create GAP in Flanges can cause SEVERE DAMAGE TO FLANGE FACES : also there is sometimes a risk of Sparks.

All you need to do is to remove all FLANGE, BOLTS/STUDS, and locate support Studs of Spreaders in these two holes. Apply TORQUE to both LEVERS at both ends. The Tip acts like a WEDGE and lifts the FLANGE FACE. You can keep the Flanges open till such time you need to take out old gasket & put new one. Then retract the Spindle. After this the original bolts of flange can be replaced. These tools are suitable for small / medium size flanges having maximum bolt size of 1" Higher sizes require hydraulic tools.*

All elements are made from alloy steel & hardened. This gives long LIFE to the tool. Since these are mechanical devices, no external power source is required.

* Under Development.

Models Support Studs Min Flange Bolt
MFS-1 12 mm 1/2", M12, M16
MFS-2 20 mm 3/4", M20, 1", M124