Oil Sampling


In any oil lubricated machine it is CRITICAL to know the quality of oil within the machine. Presently there is considerable guess- work in this area. THIS MEANS OIL IS CHANGED AT REGULAR INTERVAL/ WITHOUT ACTUALLY KNOWING WHETEHR IT IS O.K. OR NOT.

Lubex oil sampler (OS) is a simple device to be installed in Drain of the machine. A Ball valve is provided and a sampling bottle is fixed after the ball valve Ref Fig -1a, 1b. The bottle is threaded and can be opened. Ref Fig � 2a. Whenever you wish to check the oil quality, all you need to do is slightly open the valve and fill the oil in the sampler. Once bottle is full you need to close the valve. Material of bottle is P.C. which has excellent clarity and does not break easily. You can open the bottle, fix a cap and send it for testing. Ref Fig � 2b. Capacity is 75ml or 100ml. The cap is removed, a funnel like adapter is fixed on bottle Ref Fig.2c. This help to pour the oil in a container Ref Fig.-3-4-5. Collected oil sample can be put for testing, sludge, viscosity, moisture, any other procedure specified by the machine manufacturer.

The collected oil sample can be tested for the following : -


This can be tested by passing collected oil through a filter paper & Funnel. Ref. Fig 3. Metal debris can cause accelerated wear of moving elements.

2) VISCOSITY: This can be checked by a viscometer or Ford B4 cup. Ref fig 5. This is as per IS:3944. The time taken for the B4 cup to get empty is the Viscosity. Viscosity of oil sample should be +10% of original valve. E.g. SAE 90 should be 82-98. Oil Viscosity generally changes with passage of time.

3) MOISTURE: Moisture in oil will cause lots of problems to bearings & other components. MOISTURE IN OIL SHOULD BE ZERO. Moisture in oil can easily be checked by performing a cracking test Ref. Fig. 4. Collected oil sample is put in a crucible and heated upto 100�C. You will observe a cracking sound if there is moisture, otherwise there will be no sound even at 100�C. It can also be tested by adding TOULENE to oil sample. Toulene will make the oil having moisture, translucent. i.e. milky white. otherwise their will be no change in cololur You can perform these basic tests in your own workshop or in a LAB within your works.

You may need to buy a Ford B4 Cup, other facilities are generally available in a Lab. Based on these three criterions, you can decide to change the oil, or centrifuge it, to reuse the oil. With this device in position you can MONITOR OIL QUALTIY ON LINE on a REAL TIME BASIS. NO GUESS- WORK.

Ordering code: you need to specify the following.

1) Thread size of Drain � Ref Table - 1
2) Adaptor 45�/90�, direct
3) Length 'L' of Adaptor for fixing bottle Ref Fig.1a.

Table - 1
Size O.D. Pitch (TPI)
3/8�      BSP 16.4/16.7 19
��        BSP 20.7/20.9 14
��        BSP 26.2/26.4 14
1�        BSP 32.9/33.2 11
1-1/4� BSP 41.6/41.9 11
1-1/2� BSP 47.4/47.8 11
2�        BSP 59.3/59.6 11