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Breather Plugs

Breather Plugs




In any oil lubricated machine you need to have a Breather plug through which hot oil vapors come out. Ref fig1. In most machines there is an open vent. Ref. Fig 2. In this design there is always a chance that external contaminants like dust, fumes, moisture to get in and CONTAMINATE THE OIL.

EKTA shielded breather plugs with FLOAT solves this problem totally. It is a two part design with a float and spring. Ref. Fig. 3. The bottom part is fixed to the machine a Teflon float with a spring is fitted on cap. As and when pressure builds up within the sump of the machines the float rises up Ref. Fig. 4. RELEASE THE HOT AIR/OIL VAPORS through the vent in the tube & once the vapor is released the spring brings back the float to its original position Ref. Fig. 3. The Vent is Shielded by the top cap & the float ensures that almost no external contaminants enters the machine. Both the tube and cap are carbon steel, but Nitrided and subsequently treated with ARCOR Process. This ensures maximum corrosion resistance of the device, especially for plants located on coastal areas or those having corrosive environment. The corrosion resistance is over 5 times of conventional zinc plating. All, you need to do is to replace existing breather plugs with EKTA shielded breathers with float. Standard Size viz 1/4 ” BSP, 3/8 ” BSP 1/2″ BSP .