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Drip Oiler

Lubex Drip Oiler

Drip oilers provide a convenient and economical method of lubricating bush bearings; machine slides etc.

The oiler dispenses oil by gravity from a reservoir through a needle valve with manual shut off. Operator can set drip rate by simply adjusting a sensitive needle valve and viewing drip rate in sight glass. Once drip rate has been set, it should be locked. A suitable locking nut is provided for this purpose. On/off is by means of a toggle pin.

Oil reservoir is made of polycarbonate which facilitates easy visual check of oil level. polycarbonate also has the advantage of high impact strength, excellent clarity and good temperature stability. These drip oiler could conveniently replace existing glass type drip oilers which are prone to breakage.

The oiler has a fixed thread size of 1/8″ bsp. for any other thread size a suitable adaptor is provided.

D-1515 C.C.362570
D-100100 C.C.5870100
D-250250 C.C.6870200